Common Sense

Selský rozum

Friday, October 13, 2017 - 17:30
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d. Vít Janeček, Zuzana Piussi / Czech Republic / 2017 / 73 min. / Czech / English subtitles

The filmmakers have been studying Czech country for 3 years. They´ve been collecting informations about local farmers and topics which are important to them. How do the state donations work? Why are some crops more popular  than others? And what is the role of politician Andrej Babiš and his political and business activities in the life and work of farmers? The filmmakers use the work of local journalists to and they follows the authors of the book „Yellow baron“, Zuzana Vlasatá and Jakub Patočka doing their investigation. They study Babiš as writers, but there´s another point of view. Bohumír Rada, local farmer and former coworker of Babiš is one of the main protagonists. He´s there to say his part of the story associated with this ruthless politian.

Thematic Category: Right to Know

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