The Immortal Forest

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Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 18:30
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r. Erik Baláž / Slovakia / 2017 / 52 min. / Slovak

European nature has changed more than we can imagine in last few thousand years. People have dried wetlands, embanked rivers, cut and changed woods, exterminated big animals. And the place where almost anything has changed still exists. The immortal forest grows from the rocky ground under the mountain called Kriváň. Hundreds years old pines are rulling in here, living in symbiosis with bears and the whole ecosystem. Bears are safe against humans there, they have everything they need including berries and nuts to eat and dears to hunt. It´s a living paradise. Wide, wild, dangerous but fragile world where nature instead of people is in charge. These natural processes helps the evolution to continue and provide immortality for the old pine woods.

Thematic Category: So Called Civilization

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