The secrets of Doping: How Russia makes its winners

Geheimsache Doping Wie Russland seine Sieger macht

Friday, October 13, 2017 - 19:45
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Hajo Seppelt / Germany / 2014 / 58 min. / German / Slovak subtitles

This documentation, which has received worldwide attention, covered state-organized doping in Russian athletics. The WDR team around Hajo Seppelt has managed to present exclusive insights into a sports system, which is otherwise completely inaccessible. Weltexklusiv had for the first time also coaches and athletes, among them Doper, reported on the camera of a nearly comprehensive and systematic doping. They drew a terrifying picture of how confidants were put under pressure, threatened and intimidated, so they were silent. 


This movie is screened thanks to Transparency International Slovakia

Thematic Category: Speech Is Silver. Is Silence Golden?

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