Shingal, Where Are You?

Kani Shingal?

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 16:30
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d. Angelos Rallis / Greece, Belgium, Austria / 2016 / 99 min. / Arabic, Kurdish / English and Czech subtitles

In 2014 Islamic State captured Sinjar, a Jezidi town in northern Iraq. The Islamists destroyed the town, executed thousands of men and kidnapped women and girls to make them their sex slaves. Those Jezidi who managed to escape the massacre found a temporary asylum in an abandoned coal mine close to the Turkish border. This raw documentary presents the fate of the persecuted religious community through the eyes of three generations of them: the old man, the boy and parents who are trying to ransom their daughter from slavery. Will the family ever be able to return home and continue their former life in the town of their ancestors?

Thematic Category: Right to Know

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