Teaching War

Výchova k válce

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 19:00
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d. Adéla Komrzý / Czech Republic / 2016 / 69 min. / Czech / English subtitles

The fanatical Islamic State, terrorism, Russia's aggressive policies... The intensifying geopolitical situation has also brought new security concerns to the Czech Republic. After a long period of relative peace and tranquillity, the question of whether the country is able to resist aggression has once again become relevant. The military, the arms industry and splinter groups of former soldiers are making preparations. Generation of people in their 40s still remember their socialistic school military training. According to the Ministry of Defence's initiative „POKOS“, this subject slowly returns to many schools by professional soldiers lectures. What do kids know about guns these days? Would they fight for their country? The documentary made by FAMU students examines how Czech society is preparing for war.

Thematic Category: Right to Know

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