A4 - Priestor súčasnej kultúry   |   7. Nov — 17:00
Online   |   7. Nov — 17:00

Asylum beyond the Arctic Circle

Imagine a long day that lasts for months. Constant light. The sun barely touches the horizon and immediately bounces back like a ball into the sky. Or imagine the contrary, an endless polar night, here and there brightened by the aurora borealis. Darkness during morning coffee, darkness at lunch, darkness at dinner, the sun simulated by a light bulb with birds chirping.

How does one live there? This topic and others will be the subject of a discussion entitled Asylum beyond the Arctic Circle with Polish reporter and writer Ilona Wiśniewska and Slovak filmmaker and educator Viera Čákanyová. In her book White, Ilona writes about the inhabitants of the icy Spitzbergen archipelago within sight of the North Pole, where, somewhat unexpectedly, people from all corners of the world live. Viera took a look at the opposite pole of the Earth – Antarctica – in the documentary White on White. However, the documentaries from both poles have one thing in common – asylum, whether metaphorical or real. Hosted by Michal Hvorecký.

The discussion was created in cooperation with the World Between the Lines project.

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Language: English