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One World Invites You to a Grand Birthday Celebration

Bratislava, June 25, 2024 – A new visual identity, new logo, new dates, new programming team, and a familiar yet refreshed venue. The international documentary film festival One World celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, bringing a host of new features. It returns to Bratislava on October 17 and will last ten days instead of a week and another 7 days online.

This year, One World festival brings significant changes, including a new visual identity. “On the occasion of our anniversary, we decided to refresh One World’s look to be recognizable and striking, clearly reflecting the growing years of Slovakia’s oldest documentary festival. We also wanted it to reflect the diversity of our team, our working methods, and the films we bring to our audience,” explains One World’s Director Eva Križková. The new logo and festival design were created by the graphic studio Andrej & Andrej, which also developed a new visual identity for People in Peril.

The 25th edition of the One World documentary film festival will take place from October 17 to 28, 2024. After two years, it returns to the beloved, freshly renovated Kino Lumière, where almost the entire festival will be held.

“We want to create a space for viewers where they can spend time together. Between screenings, they won’t have to leave as we will have an accompanying program prepared in the cinema’s premises, along with a café where they can discuss their fresh film experiences over a favorite drink,” describes Eva Križková.

The 25th edition of One World aims to bring viewers together in person. For the first time since the pandemic, films will not be available online during the festival. Selected 10 films will be accessible through the DAFilms partner portal after the festival ends, from October 29 to November 3.

“There are men, there are women, and then there is me”

Woman or man? Intersex people repeatedly face this question as others try to fit them into familiar categories. But where should they fit if they were born somewhere in between? And why should we still adhere to categories dictated long ago? In the South African film Who I Am Not, we follow local beauty queen Sharon-Rose Khumalo, who discovers she is intersex.

The box she thought she fit into suddenly doesn’t fit at all, and Sharon-Rose battles gender dysphoria. She finds help from someone who seems her complete opposite – Dimakatso Sebidi, who presents more masculinely but is neither a man nor a woman.

“When I first delved into the complex world of the intersex community, it was as if I discovered stories just waiting to be told,” says Romanian director Tunde Skovran about the film Who I Am Not. Her film aims to unveil a world we don’t know but also to prompt reflection and change in a society that has not yet accepted this community.

This year’s focus section of the One World festival, named Queer Joy!, does the same. “We are collaborating with the team from our partner Film Festival Inakosť, and we agreed to bring films to One World that would be a geyser of creativity and a celebration of life. We don’t want to mourn the difficult fates of queer people, but to highlight and celebrate the beauty of their diversity, even in forms and countries less known to our audience. So get ready for queer films from Africa, Palestine, and Brazil that will take your breath away,” adds Festival Director Eva Križková

Films from around the world are brought to One World by a new international programming team. Natalia Christofoletti Barrenha (Brazil), Lerato Bokako (South Africa), Olivia Popp (Thailand/USA), and Tereza Rozálie Koldová (Czech Republic) bring authentic film perspectives on local communities and hot topics from different continents under the guidance of programming coordinator Katarína Gališinová.

This Year’s Edition Brings Change Too

We are looking for artistic projects on human rights and/or social or environmental issues for our Impact Days workshop, which will take place from October 21 to 23, 2024, in Bratislava. The fourth edition of Impact Days is open to all types of artistic works, not just those in audiovisual media.

Impact Days 2024 is again part of the festival but is open to all artists this year. The workshop will take place from October 21 to 23, 2024, in Bratislava. Organizers are looking for any artistic projects (not just audiovisual works) on human rights and/or social or environmental issues. The event will traditionally include workshops for artists, meetings with experts who will help advance their projects, and the creation of a campaign with a social impact.

More information on Impact Days 2024 and registration for the workshop can be found here. Information about the festival, films, and accompanying events will be gradually added to the website, the festival’s Facebook page, and Instagram. The complete program will be available at the beginning of September.

The festival is financially supported by the Audiovisual Fund. The main organizer is the non-profit organization People in Peril.

Contact for media:

Frédérique Halászová,, 0910 141 593


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