Accompanying Program 2023

One World 2023 offers you many accompanying events that take place in various places in Bratislava. You can look forward to discussions, a musical program, an embroidery workshop for children and much more.

Denník N discussion: We Will Not Fade Away 

Guests: Alisa Kovalenko (director of the film We Will Not Fade Away) and Pavol Pekarčík (co-director of the film Photophobia), hosted by Oliver Rehák (editor of Denník N).  Alisa Kovalenko, director of the film We Will Not Fade Away, had decided to put away video camera and fight for her country after the outbreak of …

Meaningful partnerships for film 

Change will not happen without partners! Who are the right partners to implement change? How to find them? What types of cooperation with public and third sector partners are meaningful for film makers? How to cooperate with partners? Lecturers from the field of film and public policy Eva Pavlovičová and Alexandra Poláková Suchalová will guide …

The social impact of film and the film distribution 

What is the relationship between social impact and film distribution, and what tools are required to build that relationship? Based on more than 13 years of experience in this field and her work at the Hungarian Palantír Film Foundation, Orsolya Komlósi will guide us through the subject. She will point out the benefits of the …

Social change and film

What is social change? How can it be achieved? What are the available tools to promote it via film? Film and public policy lecturers Eva Pavlovičová and Alexandra Poláková Suchalová will deliver a theoretical and practical lecture that will guide you through the topic of change.  Lecture within the industry program will take a place on 6. …

spadnutá budova, muž a žena

Art as evidence: What did you do to the Russians? 

Speakers: Jana Bučka and Michal Fulier (creators of the film What did You Do To The Russians?), Peter Ivanič (Svet medzi riadkami [The World Between the Lines]), hosted by Michal Hvorecký.  Research suggests that people experiencing frustration evaluate their life as unpredictable, impossible to control, and feel a high level of distrust not only towards …

fotka kapely

Budoár staré dámy – disturbing songs you can trust 

The band was founded in 1998 and it is considered to be continuing the traditions of Brno alternative rock. The band’s style is easily recognized by the energetic female vocals, catchy melodies, poetic lyrics, and unusual inflections of Czech words. Marta Kovařová’s intuitive, sometimes fragile, sometimes brutal vocal language is salted onstage by the Marek …

Kniha Královec

Absynt: Make Královec Czech Again!

A year ago, a series of calls for the Czech Republic to annexe Kaliningrad flashed around the Czech and Slovak social networks along with related images. There were discussions about the weather in the Královec (Kaliningrad) region, people were planning their holidays by the newly acquired Czech sea. The satire culminated in a happening in front of the …


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