Accompanying Program 2023

One World 2023 offers you many accompanying events that take place in various places in Bratislava. You can look forward to discussions, a musical program, an embroidery workshop for children and much more.

Unity in Breath – an immersive art installation

Unity in Breath is an immersive art installation that celebrates the remarkable diversity and shared humanity of people from all paths of life. The central idea is simple yet powerful: regardless of our differences in culture, religion, gender, or background, we all share the same fundamental essence as human beings. The heart of the installation …

Alison O’Daniel – Masterclass

The class will begin with a consideration of Tobin Siebers theory of Complex Embodiment in Disability Theory. Through discussion and viewings of short films, we will consider how the medical and social models of disability intersect and diverge and form cultural expectations. We’ll focus on the lived experiences of disabled folks as valuable contributions to …

Discussion after the film The World According to My Dad 

There are plenty of expert articles, books, papers, and commentaries on how we should save our planet and its climate. What happens, when Jiří Svoboda, a material physicist, comes with a concrete idea on how to save the planet? And what happens, when he presents his idea to various individuals and organisations, even at an …

DJing at the One World Festival – Isama Zing 

Isama Zing is the pseudonym of Jonatan Pastirčák, whose other pseudonym is Pjoni. He oscillates between improvised music, Avant-pop, deconstructed club, and cinematic landscapes. He was a member of the international platform Shape. He has also performed at Eurosonic, Ment, Pohoda, and Lunchmeat festivals, and at the Café Oto, a venue for creative new music. …

muž so slúchatkami

Discussion after the film Invisible Countries 

What is it like to hear the sound of items and feel their vibrations? Items we only see but do not hear in ordinary life with normal perception? To see invisible worlds, broaden your horizons. How can this sound be obtained, what does it tell us, where can it move us? And how is it …

žena mieri na inú ženu

Discussion after the film The Hamlet Syndrome 

In The Hamlet Syndrome, directors Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosolowski introduce a group of professional and unprofessional actors preparing a theatrical production in a small town in Ukraine. During the rehearsals of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, various emotions and memories of the actors are brought to light. The experience of creating a theatre performance can help …

Audiovision without Barriers III: Blind and deaf in cinema – are we making progress (?) 

Guests: Stanislav Sokol (representative of visually impaired audiences, The Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union), Michal Hefty (representative of hearing impaired audiences, Myslím – centrum kultúry Nepočujúcich), Oľga Davalová (expert from the media, audiovisual and copyright section of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic), Gabriele Uzzo (inclusion and accessibility expert, Italy), hosted by …

dve deti ležiace vo vlaku

Café Europa: Photophobia 

Guests: Ivan Ostrochovský (producer and co-director of the film Photophobia), Tomáš Bokor (SlovakAid), Petra Melikantová (People in Need – psychosocial help in communities), Marek Madro (psychologist, IPčko), hosted by Frederika Halászová.  On a cold February morning, twelve-year-old Niki and his family arrive at a metro station in Kharkiv to hide from the horrifying war raging …

Presentation of Mila Haugová’s Bibliophilly Stigma: písať 

The new bibliophily edition by the Slovak Literary Centre looks at the writing of active authors and it will be opened by the poet Mila Haugová. It captures the creative process as an act of looking for oneself and forming the architecture of the inner world. Creation thus becomes a spiritual contribution to the originality …

Is there anybody out there? Culture must not be denied to anybody 

Guests: Alexandra Tamásová (Slovak National Gallery – curator of modern and contemporary art collections), Annamária Koločaiová (social counsellor who provides counseling to both individuals and groups), Eva Križková (One World), hosted by Zuzana Golianová.  In Slovakia, culture is frequently referred to as a luxury that only a select few can afford. For others, culture only …

Contact sound recording – the use of different microphone techniques 

The aim of the workshop is to try and master the technique of contact sound sensing in practice. Characteristics and practical use of sound recording technology will be the main focus. Participants will familiarize themselves with professional recording technology, i.e., different types of microphones and accessories that will enable them to record mono, stereophonic and …

Award ceremony and the concert of Vlado Nosal & The Avedons

Love is going to be given out in a big way tonight, including in the form of awards for the best films and filmmakers of the 24th annual One World film festival. The international jury will present the main prize for the best film in the Slovakia and the Czech Republic for Human Rights section. …


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