Films crossing borders

Filmy bez hraníc

One World, in cooperation with UNHCR, the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts and the World Between the Lines initiative, has prepared an annual workshop for students of documentary directing. In the last year, three student films have been made, which you can now watch at the festival.

The aim of Films crossing borders is to support young authorial documentaries and help filmmakers find their way to less stereotypical dimensions of migration.

The screening of the films will be followed by a discussion with the creators, their teacher and documentary filmmaker Peter Kerekes and Zoran Stevanic from UNHCR. Moderated by Eva Križková (executive director of the One World festival).

Denisa Parobeková, uStopia

Three Slovak migrants in the USA – different dreams and reasons for leaving, different experiences, except for one common thing – living illegally in their dream country. Documentary essay “uStopia” tells stories that are unknown, but we can easily call them the modern history of migration for the “American Dream“. What are the relationships between migrants and their families, friends or the place that the migrant left? Are there already two separate worlds, glued together only for the duration of one “online touch“?

Barbora Vojtašáková, The next stop is

Dinosaurs did not have a backup plan but maybe we should have one. We keep on destroying our planet, solar flares or deadly meteorites are not as sci-fi as they seem. So, the real question is: If we had to create Slovakia on Mars, what would it look like? What would Slovaks bring up there from their country to remind them of Earth?

Ivan Koribanič, Aladdin’s lamp

Aladin travels the country to confront those who have succumbed to misinformation. However, he arrives on the scene when the protagonists expect the least. At the same time, we learn about the difficult fate that befell Aladin and his family, thanks to which he became a migrant living in Slovakia.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the World Between the Lines initiative and was supported by UNHCR, SlovakAid and the European Union.

Directed by

Barbara Vojtašáková, Ivan Koribanič, Denisa Parobeková


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