A4 - Priestor súčasnej kultúry   |   5. Nov — 17:00

Deconstruction of colonial narratives in documentary cinema and industry

Victoria Leshchenko, Docudays UA, Ukraine, or Yuliia Kovalenko Docudays UA, Ukraine 
Irakli Khvadagiani, Tbilisi State University, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Georgia 
Alina Gorlova film director, Ukraine 
Eva Križková, One World Slovakia 
Peter Ivanič, sociologist, World between the Lines, Slovensko 

Moderator: Margje de Koning, artistic director of Movies That Matter, Netherlands 

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has broken the long-standing peace in Europe. At the same time, putting the security of other countries at risk, this war had a significant impact on almost all spheres of human activities – in particular, on cinema – generating turbulent discussions and rethinking of established policies and practices. Especially for the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, which historically often remained overshadowed by the imperial Russian sphere of influence. 

Obviously, today, more than ever, we have the need to confront outdated colonial narratives and practices of the film industry, as a result of which the cinematographies of different countries remained underrepresented on international platforms, and often faced the need to oppose the inertial Moscow-centrism of the entire region of Eastern Europe. Therefore, the participants of our discussion will talk about how to get rid of old colonial narratives and practices regarding the entire region of Eastern and Central Europe in documentary cinema, and why it is important. 

The discussion will take place on 5th November at 5 PM in A4–priestor súčasnej kultúry.

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Language of the event: English

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