Kino KLAP (Filmová a televízna fakulta VŠMU)   |   10. Nov — 19:00

Masterclass: Jessica Kingdon

In this one hour masterclass, director Jessica Kingdon will talk about approaches to observational filming and editing regarding her feature documentary Ascension. The film is a visual essay style examination of the so-called “Chinese dream.” The class will get into pacing, structure, and style as well as filming approaches in terms of access and camerawork. How does a filmmaker decide between intuition and fact? Where can the two help one another and when should they remain separate? We will also discuss what makes a “concept driven” film and when that approach may or may not be useful. 

The masterclass will take place on 10th November at 7 PM in VŠMU.

Free entry

Masterclass will be held in English.


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