Practical information


How can I watch films at the One World Festival this year?

During the festival 6 – 7 films will be available on a daily basis for 24 hours (from 00:00).

You will be able to watch the films either directly on our website or at All you need is a valid ticket. You can either purchase a festival season ticket or one-time tickets for specific films. You will only be able to buy them on the day of their screening.
If you don’t want to miss out on a particular film, don’t forget to study the programme carefully in advance.

How much do the film tickets cost?

The price of a ticket for one film is 2.5 € (no discount available).
The 10-day season-ticket costs 20 € (17 € for students, disabled ID card holders and seniors).

The season ticket for the entire festival (plus unique merch and a 40% discount on a year-round subscription to costs 30 € (27 € for students, disabled ID card holders and seniors).

The discount for seniors/students/disabled ID card holders ONLY applies to season tickets via Tootoot. Discounts do not apply to films purchased individually during the festival.

Until when can I buy a season ticket?

All festival season tickets are on sale until the end of October.

Is watching films geographically limited?

Yes, watching films is only possible in Slovakia due to licensing agreements.

Is there a limited number of views on specific films?

Yes, some films have a limited maximum viewing capacity. These are specifically:

  • Welcome to Chechnya – max. 500 views.
  • The Earth is Blue as an Orange – max. 250 views.
  • Overseas – max. 500 views.
  • The Great Green Wall – max. 305 views.
  • Woman – max. 500 views.

Therefore, we recommend not delaying if you want to watch these films.


What accompanying events are available during the festival?

Every day you can watch live streams of discussions from our studio in Nova Cvernovka and the regions. In addition, selected films will be followed by a Q&A each evening. You can find a list of them in the Accompanying Events section of our website and in the programme, where they will be continuously added.

In addition to major discussions and Q&As, several accompanying outdoor events had been planned for you. Due to the current pandemic, we have carefully re-evaluated the situation and significantly reduced the number of accompanying events (more information on the current offer is available in the programme).

How can I attend an accompanying event?

You can follow the discussions either directly on our website (Accompanying Events section) or at the Facebook Events section on the One World Film Festival Facebook page.

Q&As will be available directly on our website (in the Accompanying Events section) and on the Facebook page at the time found in the programme. There will be no Facebook events for them.

How much do discussion and Q&A tickets cost?

All discussions are free.


Will festival merch also be available this year?

Festival merch will be available in Nova Cvernovka on Friday 6 November, and Saturday 7 November from 15:00 to 20:00.