One Way Ticket

Although they spent 20 years living in a refugee camp in Uganda, two friends never gave up hope of leaving for a better life. Jean-Pierre, his wife and children and 84 year old mother prepare to leave Kyangwali camp to move to the US as part of a resettlement program. A handsome and charismatic musician Isaiah hopes to go there to medical school. A whole new world awaits them. The film is an account of their dreams and aspirations, and of the everyday struggles and alienation they experience in a foreign land. 

Screening of the film is funded by European Union within the European Migration Network Activities (EMN) which in Slovakia is coordinated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The film is presented within the framework of the IOM’s Global Migration Film Festival.


Directed by

Grégoire Gosset / France / 2019 / 82 min.




Migration, Relationships