Projet Cartel: Mexique, le silence ou la mort

The Forbidden Stories network re-turns with a new global investigation that plunges us into the heart of the Mexican cartels. The investigation begins with the murder of journalist Regina Martínez, strangled to death in her home on April 28, 2012. Her murder marked a turning point for crimes against the press in Mexico. Since then, 64 reporters have been killed, making Mexico the most dangerous place in the world for the press, ahead of Syria and Afghanistan. Sixty journalists from 25 international media outlets come together to shed light on this murder and to continue the work of their murdered Mexican colleagues. This historic collaboration, coordinated by Forbidden Stories, is called the «Cartel Project». For 10 months, the network of investigative journalists investigated  Mexican Cartels, digging into their political and business connections around the world and their nearly unlimited supply of weapons and synthetic drugs. 

Directed by

Projet Cartel: Mexique, le silence ou la mort / Jules Giraudat / France / 2021 / 73 min.


Political regimes and conflicts


6. Nov 12:00 — 7. Nov 12:00


One World


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