Kapitalks at One World: Human rights under the skin

Discussion with Dutch artist Sander van Bussel 

Sander van Bussel 
Zuzana Števulová, director of theCentre for Legal Aid

Hosted by Michal Lipták 

In the February issue of Kapitál, reporter Sara Činčurová interviewed Dutch artist Sander van Bussel, who will tattoo part of the text of the Declaration of Human Rights on the skin of 70 people at this year’s One World film festival. 

Sander works with community art, bringing people together, social interaction and experimental art. He is also the initiator of the Human Rights Tattoo project, which was founded in 2012. It aims to reproduce the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by tattooing its 6,773 individual letters upon different people around the world. Participants do not choose their letter; they are tattooed in the order of the words and letters of the Declaration. 

Sander decided to undertake this project after his friend, reporter Steven Naysh, was murdered in Kenya in 2004. Since then, tattoo events for human rights have been organised all over the world in collaboration with museums, universities, organisations, festivals and tattoo parlours. Thousands of people have had a letter tattooed. It is not the work of one artist, but of a whole community of people, so far from 76 countries. 

In discussion with Zuzana Števulová, director of the League for Human Rights, Sander will talk about his project and the link between art and the issue of human rights. 

The discussion will take place on 6th November at 8 PM in A4–priestor súčasnej kultúry.

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