A4 - Priestor súčasnej kultúry   |   9. Nov — 19:30

Discussion with the Daily N: How to find a balance and not disparage? Images of the Roma minority in the media

Tomáš Kratochvíl, director of Pongo Calling
Peter Ivanič, Svet medzi riadkami
Michaela Mudroňová, social integration programmes, People in Need

Hosted by Juraj Koník, Denník N.

Most journalists working in the media today are from the ethnic majority. This can, even in good faith, affect the way they communicate information regarding the Roma – and other – minorities. The images they present to their audiences are often either stereotyping or, at the other extreme, problematic phenomena are “preventively” omitted – to ensure that they do not unintentionally replicate stereotypes or prejudices. So how do we present challenging topics without stereotypes and prejudices and at the same time in such a way that we, as journalists, remain credible to the audience? 

The discussion will take place on 9th November at 7:30 PM in A4–priestor súčasnej kultúry.

Free entry

Language of the event: Slovak

You can watch an online live stream on our Facebook.

Discussion partners are the educational project World Between the Lines, and Slovak Aid. 


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